Bank transfer advice

At the moment I am using Revolut to transfer into my account in dollars.

This was working fine, but I have now reached the 0.7% fee charge for using a card.

If I do a transfer from my Spanish bank account to Revolut will I be worse off doing this? At what point is the currency exchanged?

I tried doing a revolut bank transfer but = fees due to brexit and cross border.
Will my Spanish bank transfer be the same?

Does anyone have experience with this?

To sum up,
Am. I better of using Revolut card taking the fee hit
AM I better off doing a Spanish Bank to Revolut transfer?

I have just done a 1€ (dollar was offered but I don’t want bank doing the rate)

There seem to have been no initial fees.
Let’s see how much I actual receive when jt arrives.

You could send EUR from your Spanish bank (SEPA or card top up) to an EUR account in Revolut and then inside Revolut send/convert to your USD Revolut account. Just take a 1 second to convert EUR to USD. Then sent the USD from Revolut to T212.

The Exchange Rate in Revolut is the Mastercard Rate, it’s one of the best Exchange Rate.

You know that the T212 transfer fee is 0.7%. Only you know the Spanish bank fee. Compare both fees and choose the one that is best suitable for you.

The annoying thing is I had a euro trading account, but switched it to dollar if I had known they would do the fee prob wouldn’t have changed.

I currently use the Revolut way. It is very effective.

I’ve just a euro transfer from my Spanish bank
I’ve done 1€ as a test.
Let’s see what I receive