Deposit EU no fees

Living in Spain, am I correct in thinking there is now no fee free way to do it.***

I have a dollar account.
Original I used Google pay and revolut, that is now 0.7%

I moved on to revolut bank transfer as the fee is less than 0.7%, and there was a *lovely surprise" of the intermediate banking fee (11€ on 730€ how wonderful)

By the other option is via santander bank, but that leaves me worse off with the awful exchange than the 0.7% fees.

If I had known trading212 were going to add fees for using a card, I would not have gone with dollars, even if I can’t stand the euro/dollar thing when I’m us focused

So I have 2 questions:

A. Does trading 212 have any plans to introduce a 1 free card transfer per month system as not everyone gets it free.

B am I missing any otherway from within the EU to avoid fees. Literally just wasting my money at the moment.

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This is the exact reason why I’m sticking with the 0.7% fee options… swift transfer is just too unpredictable/expensive to my liking. Not even Wise/Revolut can help in this case.

Multi-currency account has been brought up by several threads mainly this and this. Not sure when will the update land though.

I would love to hear if there’s another way to avoid fees while we wait for multi-currency.

@GreKomyu multi-currency isn’t on the table anytime soon. think 1+ years before we can expect the feature to be reviewed again. They are looking to expand the bank transfer options I believe for EU customers, but I don’t know the timescale for that. I assume there may be an update once the EU onboarding moves onto the next stage (which would be moving existing EU customers from the UK entity to the EU entity) after all the stocks and ETPs having been copied over.

however, money is not being wasted if you are investing it. it’s not like spending it on junk food or various limited services. 0.7% is rather cheap compared to the alternatives. there is currently no way to avoid the fee’s and if they had plans to introduce monthly free transfers they would have done so at the time they implemented the fee’s IMO, since the whole point was to cover the costs incurred by allowing card transactions.

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Totally missed that one, thank you. I’ll keep my expectation low for now :grin:
Yep, I have no problem with the 0.7% fee, I just consider it as a trading fee. It would just be better if I could avoid that too.