Battery ETFs we need!


Pls can we add LIT etf - full of battery manufacturers and raw material providers, this will let us access companies like LG Chem etc


See this post to understand why not possible.

Okay in that case pls can we have WisdomTree Battery Solutions UCITS ETF USD Acc


One I’m interested in too, ISIN and ticker from LSE here

LSE:CHRG IE00BKLF1R75 WisdomTree Battery Solutions UCITS ETF USD Acc

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Could just buy the L&G Battery Value-Chain ETF (BATG £, BATT $) It has 5% in LG Chem already.

With so few players in that market most of the ETF’s out there will hold the same companies

They’re similar but CHRG is weighted more heavily to Industrial & Materials

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Sooo, now that UK is not longer “in Europe”, does it mean that these could be available in Trading212 ?

I have seen no announcement by the UK government to suggest that these ETFs could be made available any time soon. There are some proposed changes but I don’t see that they alter the range of investments that UK platforms can offer.

HM Treasury’s July 2020 policy statement noted that there is evidence that this uncertainty has led to a decrease in retail issuance of many investment products which in turn may have reduced consumer choice and could mean that retail investors currently holding such products find it harder to exit their investment.

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@Richard.W Agreed.

Yet everyone keeps asking.

@ngomesdias The current best-guess outcome is equivalence.

The latest report ( from FCA or HMRC, I forget) basically said ‘UCITS is fine, PRIIPs is s@@t but we’re looking to fix it before any transition of ETFs from UCITS to PRIIPS.’

So - despite what anyone says regarding manufacturing your own KIID, not being constrained by ‘European’ regulations etc etc. - the current status is : Same, Same. So KID presale, EMT and EPT produced and distributed. KID in all languages, Transaction Cost disclosure etc etc