More Vanguard ETF (VOO and VTI)

I’m waiting patiently for more ETF to drop in the investing side .

Welcome to the community @Jimmy37iv. Unfortunately those two ETFs are US domiciled and not legal to be sold in Europe to retail investors.

[It’s amazing. I did not have to type more than a few words above. Everything after "ETFs are… " was auto-suggested by my Swiftkey keyboard, from memory of previous things I have wrttten.]

Use VUSA or VUSD instead of VOO. Look on for ones that can be sold in Europe.


We need an automated community bot that simple bats away US ETF queries… or people need to search for 12.9 seconds before typing … one of those … :crazy_face:


I like this idea. Maybe a big pop-up every time ‘ETF’ is written :crazy_face:

Hey Thanks for answering I was looking forward to that. And also I was wondering will trading212 will add in a section create your own ETF one day like the M1 finance app?

The closest you can get to building your own ETF is creating a Pie (you have to sign up to that as a beta tester), it is maxed out at 50 stocks per pie.
If you were referring to copying the exact makeup of an ETF and tracking its changes, I think that is in the works for a future release.

Why we don’t have ARKK in the platform? :thinking: