Best Europeans dividends

Hey guys, I wanted to start investing in dividends companies but from Europe, if from Spain even better, thanks

S’up Sérgio? It seems we have both the same name but I’m from Portugal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I love to invest in european companies with dividends, I have invested in Allianz (germany), Endesa (Spain), BASF, BAYER (both Germans). Akzo Novel (Dutch) and Randstad! All pay decent dividends!
Go to this website and explore european companies. Then, when you select the company, click in “historical data” and then in the “show” choose “Dividends Only” and click on apply.

Try investing. Com dividend calendar or go on investing section and search for dividend calendat

Listen to this

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EDF pretty cheap right now me thinks

Some ETFs I have in my watch list for European dividend investing:

EUDI (Aristocrats)

Iberdrola, Endesa, Enagas, Red Electrica, Repsol, Telefonica, BBVA and Banco Santander. All from Spain.


You can filter them by country

So many of them offer high dividend.

A lot are on a dow trend though, it’s hard to find a really high dividend and have a solid business.

Take MAIN for example you would need to fully understand the aaa aab bbb level of lending they give the same for the Realty Income see what tenants they have.

Blue chips may be the way to go as well.

That’s why mutual funds are so good, otherwise you need to do a lot of research…

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