Euro REITs Ideas/suggestions welcome

Dear Fellow Traders,

If there are some gurus, regarding European REITs ideas, available or not on Trading212.

While I will start my due diligence and do research on the topic to find decent companies to invest, any advice/suggestions are welcome.

My goal is dividend/passive income porfolio, so I am aiming for stocks with yield over 3% and/or high dividend growth history XX%.

Anyway as US market information is available at every corner, now it is time to put some $$ in European companies.

Cheers and have a good 2020.

Ps. At end of day any good European company is welcome even no REIT if it fits above profile.

I use to look for this sort of thing.

Doesn’t have “Europe” so you would need to search by country.

Edit: You can add the countries you want to search for to the list.


I have it as an aid to finding good potential companies but note that they don’t have consistent numbers of analysts for all the companies they assign ratings and that the numbers don’t always come equivalent to what other sources or yourself my find.

plus unless you will pay, after the initial free trial period, the vast majority of companies listed under the screener options get hidden and only a few are displayed so you have to go through the list manually and with a free account you are restricted to 10 companies every month, which if you aren’t careful with your timing means you can end up only seeing a few new ones each month due to re-opening a previously viewed company.

still they list a lot of companies and so when you see some highly rated ones (for me the most important values are dividends, value and future, followed by sufficient health) you can consider requesting they be added to the platform.

I try to check as many sources as possible on the same company to get an overall feel for how the market views that business and then compare those views with my own calculations to see if anything may have been missed.

seeking alpha, stockopedia(&investopedia for learning material) news direct from companies and big headlines under google business section etc are all some of the things I use frequently.


Here is also another screener using wallmine:

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Great , thanks for some input. Most challenging part is getting source of truth for euro stocks, something like Seeking Alpha. Which was shown as great source for US stocks.

Anyway appreciate you gents taking time to comment.

Happy hunting! :slight_smile:

British Land (BLND) is a great REIT, undervalued, as well as BYG, a storage company.