BGCG trust added I’m happily surprised

I have always used HL & recently & slowly now using 212

Too be honest I thought while using 212, even though they offer a free trade service, their spread may be larger when purchasing.

Today 212 added the newly launched Baillie Gifford China Growth trust. One to watch.

I’m checking the details the spread in purchasing on 212 is only 1.02p and free to buy.
While the spread on HL is 3p PLUS their £11.95 dealing charge :fearful:

I am one happy customer right now. Will be adding to this position regularly


If you are talking Invest/ISA there is no markup on the spread in T212. So 1.02 is the actual difference. :slightly_smiling_face:


Looking to add to my exposure to China, currently have alibaba - once we have Tencent access then I’m not sure I’ll need to look at BGCG. Have you compared it to I share large cap? Is there much difference out of interest

You know SMT is available too right? Another cracker from BG.


@Joey_Fantana The more you research SMT - the more I wonder why I choose my own stocks :joy:

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Agree with both. SMT is a performance machine. A must own for the best global coverage you can get.
I feel a weighted split between SMT, USA & BGCG is all you really need in terms of full global coverage of the cream of growth companies. Yes you are putting all your trust in Baillie Gifford. But after spending a few hours reading their website and whole company ethos, I’m comfortable letting them manage my money, over myself trying to pick stocks.
I have to remind myself I’m in this for the next 15 years. I think they’ll better perform over me lol :joy:

Of course I’ll have a few of my own stocks on the side, but those trusts are the best for a reason :+1:t2:


I think if they were all fractional and on 212. I’d probably do the same split…if not at least compare the Baillie Gifford pie to mine after a year probs transfer everything to the BG pie :pie: :sweat_smile:

It’s amazing how many quality unlisted companies SMT have - stripe, ANT etc


The same with all their trusts to be fair.
One thing they are big on is getting into companies early on.

Their biggest to date is Tesla. I think until recently they were the largest investor in Tesla. But unfortunately had to trim their stake due to regulations.
Next will be Ant. This will send SMT Sky high.
I do not know yet, but I’m sure they’ll get ANT into BGCG too. No brainier.

All their growth trusts have this mandate of investing in unlisted companies.
It’s why their trusts really do outperform.


I agree totally, that’s exactly my plan but have Edinburgh Worldwide (EWI) included also and am amazed it’s not on T212, despite months of multiple people asking. If we could have that and Manchester & London (MNL) then I would move ISA to T212.

Agree with you re: confidence in BG picking my stocks, happy for them to manage my entire portfolio


Agreed - honestly don’t know why you would choose the basic ETFs over these focused badboys.


I started off investing by buying my own individual stocks. Buying bits and pieces here, selling there. Trying out a few different pie configurations. Micromanaging everything. Same as everybody else.

After researching SMT I just sold everything and put it into SMT. They basically invest in the same things I do. Techy stuff. And they’re 100,000 times more skilled at picking stocks than I am. So my retirement portfolio literally has just one stonk lol. SMT.

Yes it’s risky doing this. Apparently I’m supposed to have bonds that return 0.0000001% per year or some all world ETF or something. Whatever boomer… YOLO BABY


It goes against everything we know, but I actually think your retirement pie will do quite will and will almost certainly outperform the market over time.

I wonder how many other investors on here have sold a large amount of their individual stonks and just plowed them into an ETF like yourself :sunglasses:.

SMT, INRG, BATG, WCLD and ESPO are currently some of the best performing in my portfolio at the moment (excluding NIO, NVTA & TSLA)

May have to have a revised look at my strategy :face_with_monocle:

Thank you for this!
It’s up nearly 10% in 2 days. Happy I bought straight in on Friday lol :joy:

P. S. Please make the same mistake again and tell David USA.L is an ipo :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Let’s get it added

Yes… mistake…



Before I go and google every single one of those, has anybody done this already? Anything interesting in there? Like the Chinese version of SpaceX or something.

Also would this be a high risk buy? America can just wipe out Chinese companies with a couple of sanctions. Also Chinese companies can just evaporate into a cloud of corruption at any time. Or are these solid companies with low risk? (… like Huawaiei 2 years ago or Luckin Coffee at the start of the year!)

I’m also pretty interested in this one for some exposure to China. I’ll do some research too but might just take a small 5% position for now.

Nope. Google away and if you could summarise and post here…? :+1::wink:

KE Holdings is online housing marketplace. I’ve posted DD on it here.

CATL is leading battery tech.

Burning Rock focus on cancer I believe.

That’s all I know.

Oh and on your risk question;

A) this is a UK-led Trust with 4 US stocks.

B) I’m sure if any imploded BG would adapt


More and more I just want my money in SMT, American Growth & BGCG :flushed::sweat_smile:

Only concern is that it’s all my eggs in the BG basket

I have zero concerns with them having all my money.
Yes the funds are all Baillies but they themselves are so well diversified. Even being tech led, but not tech overweight. A great spread over sectors.

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