Please add Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust

Please add Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust from Baillie Gifford. It’s had some fantastic growth recently


Yes yes YES. Big bump from me.

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Sell it / pitch it to the rest of us :smiley:.

I am actually interested in seeing what you say, I am keen on investing in a trust I currently do not hold any significant positions due to their high fees. I have about 0.1% of my portfolio in Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust. I am also interested in Fundsmith Emerging Equity.

Oh if you’re only in SMT 0.1%, I’m not going to sway you to EWI. Instead I’m going to tell you to up your stake in SMT. The reasons for this investment I’ve outlaid here;

Why am I looking at EWI as well? I trust BGs team over any other. Their funds are killing it! Like SMT, EWI focuses on growth and looks at the mid-to-long term. Where SMT goes into more established disruptor, EWI looks further down the line at, smaller capped companies that are essentially doing the same thing.

I’d also look at their Shin Nippon IT, doing yet, similar again but in the Asian Market.

Hope that helps.



Have you requested this one?

It’s already here… Ticker BGS.

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By all accounts, BGS is among the best Japan funds, I think it’s focused on smaller companies if memory serves. Some other BG funds that would be nice to have: BGEU (European growth), BGFD (Japan), BGUS (US growth), BGUK (UK growth), MNKS (global), PHI (Asia Pacific) and SAIN (equity income). Think that’d complete the set but I’m inevitably forgetting one or two.

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+1 for EWI and any other from the Gifford group

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I thought the ticker was just ‘USA’ but either way, absolutely behind this one. I’d bin my VUSA for this badboy.

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So it is. It’d certainly be nice to be able to construct a BG pie!

What happened back in 2017 to BGS?

Ah thanks for the reminder - meant to look into that a while ago.

Think it’s a bug in the app - @Team212 can you investigate please?

Here’s the 5yr chart from Stockopedia;


It’s never been over 900.

And why would you recommend BGS? It’s looking a bit stagnant the last few years.

Isn’t the Japanese stock exchange famous for being in a coma since like the 80s?

Interesting… on the 3 year chart EWI :green_circle: seems to have faired slightly better than SMT :purple_circle:

Used ARKK :orange_circle: Nasdaq100 :large_blue_circle: and S&P500 :white_circle: as comparisons

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How did you make the chart? :smiley:

On Barchart :smiley:


Like I said further up, I trust the company.

In fairness Shin Nippon has been going since 1985 and steadily climbing since 2012.

I like the idea that they aim to uncover small companies that might turn into megastars.

For me it would be a set and forget 1% of a folio, but I’m happy with my holding 7-8% in SMT in my ISA and would consider EWI for the same.

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