Biden effects on market

I’m curious as to what people think the Biden win will have on the market?

I hear cannabis stocks will likely rise due to the democratic policies on this. Likely green energy stocks for the same reason. Biden wants to improve relations with China too so we could see the likes of NIO, Xiomi etc. do well. Just in time for the Hong Kong stocks arriving on the platform.


Given the drag this week, a lot of short term effects and expectations are priced in. I don’t think he officially comes into power until 2021 if he’s still around by then.

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One thing is that the day on day rate SPY rose at least 1% for the last 4 days has only happened a four times previously. So Monday will either be a red day, or at least a less than 1% green day. Bit of a rug pull coming this week I suspect so I’m playing it safe.

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Well the market has stability now - both from a more predictable president-elect and certainty about the next President. I suppose the question is how much is already priced in at the end of last week.

I’m interested to see what it does on NAK. Shareholders worried that Biden could end their fun in Alaska. Could be a panic sell on Monday :palms_up_together: followed by a bullish run back to $1. Earnings going into play too.

@Joey_Fantana are you in still or did you exit?

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Sold a while back when it was around $1.09 I think.

Maybe worth reading this though, @phildawson:

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Guess it will go up. Investors want stability and they got it. Only pandemic is still and issue.

Thanks I hadn’t seen that. Hope that email is genuine, it appears to be. It matches what I would expect.

Ready :palms_up_together: 0.6 > 1.2 :wink:

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Just out of curiosity what weed stocks are people looking at that are currently available on T212? The key one that pops up is ACB

As much as I don’t like Trump being a sore loser. Apparently he may have a point on the fraud in Michigan at least.

Nigel Farage is the one telling him that by law, some of the Postal Votes were made after 8pm, which is classed as illegitimate in the US, so it is going to take months before they decide whether Biden actually won at least 2 of the States.

I don’t think the Market will predict what Trump is going to do in the next few months, but it seems that Farage and a Utah Mayor is looking into the Law about it to see if Biden really did win Michigan and possibly Arizona at least (given the latter has always voted Republican).

I saw one news report where the newscaster said, in one state where he was up in the votes Trump wanted the vote counts to be stopped, in another state where it was very close he said the votes haven’t finished being counted yet.

So it was OK in one state but not another lol.


It won’t take months as there are various deadlines eg mid December for electoral college votes to be agreed and then early Jan 2021 for Congress to count the votes of the electoral college all so that the President can be sworn in on 21 Jan 2021.

I don’t know what Farage is claiming but it is almost certainly incorrect - in Michigan votes only get counted if they are received before the polls close (each state has its own rules - some allow postal votes for a number of days as long as they were post marked by the election date).

I don’t think markets care that much about presidents as long as they support capitalism and they all do. Global trends won’t change because of them and big businesses are involved in long-term plans that are being deployed over extended periods of time (more than 4 years).

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I do believe it will drag on until 2021 but I am only passing on what others are saying elsewhere.

Personally hope Biden does well as a President as I do think in spite of the Votes Trump claims are illegitimate Biden still has the Popular Vote.

Although given how messy laws are, I am sceptical on the Market.

Not really looking but if I were, I’d have my eyes on Tilray and Grow Generation until Wed when I presume Planet 13 becomes available.

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