Add pre-market to acb & tlry

Hi @David @Martin

Biden has been elected as President and I want to buy Cannabis stocks.

Please add Pre-market to ACB & TLRY asap.

Thank You


@Snake We’ve added the :us: version of ACB (we’ve only had the :canada: version till now) & enabled extended hours trading for both TLRY & :us: ACB.

Also added Frankfurt listed version of ACB (Ticker: 21P1), which will begin trading even an hour earlier - 08:00 GMT.


^ There, fixed it for you.


Thank You :crown:

Thanks for this @David but the Frankfurt stock is not working this morning. Was hoping to get in early but it is displaying ‘suspended’ and the price has driven up 25% already over this time period - 20 mins.

@dipesh Working fine now, apologies for the delay.

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Thanks for this @David , wish I messaged you earlier! Please could you make sure the US versions of ACB and TLRY open on time too :slight_smile: :money_mouth_face:

$TLRY up and running pre market but no sign of $ACB US stock yet - suspended

I’m a bit confused with this post. I thought we didn’t have access to the pre-market.
Can I literary buy TLRY in the extended hours?
Do we have a list of the stocks that are available in the ext hours?

Not TLRY just OTC stocks.

It’s really not clear at all and like most things has been very poorly communicated, but the market open will show. If you click for the times you’ll see 1pm (UK) time on them.

So you have 1.5hrs pre market so far.

Mentioned previously but it should say pre-market open and have a different colour to make it clear what is pre, and that liquidity is probably reduced until 2:30pm. We have so many why isn’t my order going through as people see open, when it’s not actually open in standard hours.