Biocardia Inc Promising Trial new update

Buy order still in place for Biocardia Inc who it would appear will be releasing a strong report on Phase 3 trials this week. Thoughts anyone?

I just bought at 5.53. Waiting to see what happens tomorrow.

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Will be interesting to see what the Phase 3 report leads to.

Going to be check yahoo finance for after mkt data.

Just read the December 15 2020 prospectus supplement. Big chance of share dilution tomorrow but let’s see.

Ouch!!! That’s quite a hit!!

I don’t follow the stock, but seeing this… How much was the dilution?

Around 22% in terms of new shares released. The stock is trading on the day some 25% down but remains up on the month by nearly 86.5%. Some positive news on Phase 3 trials so I expect it will bounce back.


Hoping for a big bounce back since it was actually good news that came out.