Next biotech plays

If you listened to my calls the past days about $AIMT you can see that a potential stock rise is due from 30 today up to 60-80 next week (nestle b/o news)
Could you add these next markers in invest account ?
TROV - trovogene oncology (100% increase potential near feb13)
AGRX (60% increase potential feb 27)
ESPR (120% potential increase next month)


Hi, @ovidiuovidiuovidiu. Looks like we caught up with you just on time! All of the requested stocks are available for trading on the platform. Cheers!


Lovely. Thank you. have a nice day

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GNPX- Genprex Inc. Will be huge. Massive news about their new progress with diabetes trials. Will explode once big news stories hit.

If only we could get this added to Trading 212 sooner ! It would be great to be part of the run.

But giving you a heads up to scope out beforehand.

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Genpex offered shares at $0.40 and warrants at $0.46 when the stock price was $0.62 in November. Then it offered shares at $0.24 - a steep 33% discount to the prevailing market price - just a few days before announcing the fast track news. Thats what I call a dilution…

Thanks for your insight. As a clueless amateur I have no idea how bad that is, obviously dilution is bad but they surly needed funds for research and it worked or has now worked ? Considering they only IPO’d two years ago and have 7 employees ?

It’s got me excited as they nearly have permission to perform the first human trial for their cure for diabetes. As a diabetic myself I’m hyped. Call me stupid. But this is the first hopefull thing I’ve seen from diabetic research in forever.

It’s going to the moon now just like I thought.

This is sickening to watch. Actually wish I hadn’t come across this now that I can’t do anything about it because it’s not in the app :persevere:

Yh, I’ve seen today’s jump over 100%… there are alot of pending stock request that is why it might have been picked by by T212 reps.
I must say it was surely a great pick, do you have any target growth price

I tried my best to get it picked by the team, I just had a burning feeling it was gonna do this today.

Big news stories haven’t got to it yet because the price was so low but as it gains traction, the next “diabetes cure” is a huge headline and this time it has substance. They have a conference on Monday that I believe will only add fuel to this rocket. And because the stock market is closed aftermarket will push it further.

Have a look at AXSM, I envisioned the graph to look like that this year.

I’m an nothing more than an amateur. But I read “idiots” comments online all the time and sometimes they struck gold.

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I get you, I would hv loved that massive gain on my portfolio too,

As far further fueling the stock, their is no aftermarket on weekend, and I think USA market is closed this Monday so all fuel will be added on Tuesday.