Break even price with updated currency exchange rate

The average price with sell limit/stop limit sometimes cause unfavorable situation if exchange rate fluctuates. Should the foreign currency be changed according to original currency?

For example: sell price of JnJ is $146.98, and the average price in the app is $145.17( €132.83), which based on old exchange rate few week ago.
If you compare the dollar, I should make profit, however, due to fluctuation between 2 currencies I get loss.
The average price should show $147.29 ( €132.83), which is based on latest exchange rate ( 1 Euro = 1.1088 U.S. Dollar),

I understand you suggest that the app should dynamically adjust the USD average purchase price of JNJ to reflect current EUR/USD rate. I.e. to pretend price in USD had been higher or lower than what it actually was. But this could look confusing to many users and for anyone who needs to keep records for tax. The average purchase price in USD is what it is.

It is true that a limit sell order placed in USD number may result in more or less EUR profit because exchange rate has changed since times of stock purchases, and may change even further by the time limit order executes. But this is something one has to live with, I think. When setting up limit sell order the app does show you the sale proceeds in EUR at current rate so you can check how this compares to your cost.

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