Average price lower than current but still negative


Currently I have a few positions where Trading212 slows my average price as lower than the current selling price, even the bar on the graph is lower than the current position.

However trading212 reports a loss still.

Is this expected, a bug, or something else?


Are they in a foreign currency? If you press on return it’ll show the FX impact.

I’m using the invest account, not CFDs, hitting return does nothing in the app.

There are dozens of topics like this and 99.99999% of them are FX impact (Invest, not CFD).

What is your account currency? What is the stock’s currency that you bought?

If you want to be helped, you have to provide more precise information… just saying that something is wrong do not help.

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My account is GBP and the stocks I’m trading are USD.

I’m aware there are currency fluctuations happening when trading these stocks but one would expect the platform to adjust the average price or profit/loss indicator accordingly, either that or display the underlying currency impact on the return in the holding summary.

Trading 212 makes trading available to beginners, therefore the data shown to the end user should be as obvious as possible, the fact there are dozens of questions about this same issue is a clear indication the app is not showing information about the holding in an intuitive enough way.

The app should make clearer how the underlying currency strength might be impacting ones portfolio or holdings.

Actually they just released exact feature.

Not sure if it is in GA release or Beta build. (Presume it is GA)

But here is the screen.

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Sorry it might be iOS that still hasn’t got it. Thats Apple in taking forever to review the app. @Vedran screenshot above shows what I was referring to.

I think it’s already been asked to @Martin that’ll it good to have this open the first time you trade with foreign stocks and then be able to close it. Otherwise the people might not notice you can see the impact by toggling the return and won’t stop unnecessary FX related support queries where the customers home currency has simply strengthened against the stocks currency to cause the decrease.