Brexit and trading 212 in UK

Hi, im just curious is it trading 212 going to continue to work in the UK after brexit Jan 2021, due to new agreements and new regulations, anything we should be aware, prepare!? Or should we look or other options for continue smooth trading.



Any news on this topic? Apparently, chances are high that UK does not come to an agreement with the EU by the end of the year.
Nearly all the UK-based services I use (I’m an EU investor) have already moved my accounts under an EU entity or informed me they were about to do so.

With the end of the year approaching, I’m getting a bit nervous that there hasn’t been any official communication from T212 regarding this topic (except for a couple of forum posts months ago).

Should I get ready to close my positions and withdraw my funds before Dec 31st?

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Officially we are still awaiting UK / EU arrangements regarding financial services to be finalized (probably by the end of October).

Unofficially we have been preparing for more than a year for all Brexit scenarios. So when the UK /EU announce their final decision, we will be ready to deploy the respective business continuity plan and act accordingly.

In a nutshell: no worries at all - everything is well planned & organized on our side: your investments are safe while using our service. Needless to say, we will inform you within the due course.


By coincidence, yesterday I got an email from Revolut explaining that I was already moved to their company registered in Estonia :estonia:

Wasn’t it Lithuania :lithuania:? :thinking:

It’s possible… :joy:

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Have non UK residents been moved to Lithuania T212 now?
Irish person here.

@GaryS Erm, I think that you’re confusing us with another company that moved their clients to Lithuania. :man_shrugging:

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Do you mean that even in case of Brexit, as a belgian citizen living in Belgium, I’ll still be allowed to use your platform in 2021 and future?
Could you confirm, so that I can sleep tonight :slight_smile: