Trading 212 account for EU citizen and BREXIT

Hi all.

I am thinking about opening an account on Trading 212. I live in France.

Some questions:

1. I have done my research however the only thing I cannot be sure about is the functionality of the app. I have read online that the app crushes really often. Is that true?

2. For EU customers, the max compensation is max 20k by ICF Bulgaria. Is that right? Does this include only cash or in general all assets?
(source – see at the right, last paragraph:

3. How is BREXIT affecting us (EU customers) both in terms of regulations & compensation schemes ?

4. Are the transactions (buy/sell) instant?

Thank you



Where do you read that? :slight_smile: If you’re referring about yesterday when most of the other brokers were also offline during the spike, then I cannot really define this as “often”. But fair would be the rest of the community members to share also their experience. :v:

Below you have the answer. In a nutshell: all UK & EU clients are onboard in the FCA regulated entity:


See the following:

Yes, they are.

Let me know if other doubts arise.


@Tony.V Is it going to have some withdraw fees after Brexit for EU customers? As you mentioned, EU customers will still be under UKs FCA and FSCS regulations. Also as I understand with UK outside EU is posing some new banks regulations ? Is this going to lead to new withdraw politics in Trading 212 for EU customers trying to withdraw in EU banks?