How will Brexit affect Trading 212? Still FCA regulated?

Hi, in light of Brexit, should we expect any changes to the platform? Regulations-wise etc.

Will it still be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)?

Or plainly said: are the clients’ deposits in any way “less safe” from now forward?



Trading 212 is headquartered in the UK and regulated by the FCA. Nothing changes for us. We also have a fully operational and fully licensed EU entity in case Europe and the UK don’t reach a good agreement on financial regulation in the future.

Whatever the future arrangements are, we already have a working solution.


Just wanted to add this:

Brexit is currently a sensitive topic so speculations and interpretations from people who are not industry experts can only mislead the public and create uncertainty so please don’t post them here.

Every question on Brexit will promptly be answered by our compliance team.


Sorry what am I missing here . I thought T212 is protected by FSCS UK upto £85000 ? Or is this question more specific to the EU investors post BREXIT ?

You are correct. T212 UK is protecting up to 85k GBP.

I was referring to Ivans part where he states T212 is ready for bad break up between UK& EU. Where they have alternative EU subsidiarie.

I would personally like to know if he is referring to Bulgarian subsidiarie, which coveres up to 20k euro. If this would be solution for EU folks in case of bad break up.

As I believe many here plan long term investing. Having 20k covered doesn’t seem much of protection…

One of bigger reasons moving from Revolut to t212 is having FSCS protection on my investments…


Ok thanks yup , uncertainties on many aspects. Hopefully T212 can soon clarify them moving forward


Vedran, as you can see your comments are already causing confusion. Let us answer any questions regarding potential Brexit implications. That’s why we have ex-FCA employees in our team.

Firstly, I don’t have any hostile intentions.

I am curious non UK resident. I want to know possible scenarios in case of no deal.

Not sure why you delete my post, instead of just clarifying the subject.

As you written that t212 is prepared for every option. So as non UK resident, how will t212 continue service in case of no deal between UK&EU.

I apologise if I made improper statement, but my intent is only to find out possible outcome for non-uk residents.


Trading 212 is a UK holding company which owns 2 fully operational and fully licensed brokers.

  1. Trading 212 UK, regulated by the FCA where we are onboarding our UK and European clients.

  2. Trading 212 Bulgaria, regulated by the FSC, where we used to onboard our EU clients for 15 years before switching to the UK entity.

Even though Brexit is now official, nothing changes at the moment from a regulatory perspective for our clients or for us. Any new arrangements between the UK and Europe have yet to discussed, approved, and then followed by a transition period. This could take a year(s).

There are two scenarios after that:

  1. License passporting remains and nothing changes. Then we’ll continue to onboard our EU clients to the UK entity.

  2. No deal on passporting. Then the immediate solution could be to switch the EU clients to our Bulgarian broker. But there are also other possibilities. By that time we might already have a license in another EU country.


Thanks Ivan for making it clear! So far sounds good to me. You are right this is a sensitive topic, I expect any important updates from now forward to come via official channels e.g. email, announcements etc.