[BUG] Pie status incorrect

Hi, I would like to report a bug concerning the status of the pie goal.

The tooltip says, ‘On track’ means that the projection is in ±10% of the goal. This would mean that:

  • <90% should be Behind
  • 90–110% On track
  • >110% Ahead

However, in my experience, the thresholds are shifted by 10% to the left resulting in the following distribution:

  • <80% Behind
  • 80–100% On track
  • >100% Ahead


This is related to the following issue, fixing which could have produced this bug: Value Projection on Pie - Status Behind

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Welcome to the Community :tada:

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I’m checking the case.

Edit: This is a bug, and we’re working on fixing it :ok_hand:

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Thank you for looking into this. To provide some more information, the lower bound for ‘Ahead’ seems to be even less than 100% actually: it’s somewhere around 98% of the goal for some strange reason.

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