Value Projection on Pie - Status Behind

What I am missing here? Anyone can give some clarity?

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Would love to, but I’m going to need some more info on what precisely. Can you please elaborate on what doesn’t make sense? :thinking:


Thank s for helping.

The goal is 5k, the projected is 7K and it Status show Behind?

I’ll have to take a closer look at this, @pintas. One of my colleagues or I will update the thread with more details tomorrow.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention :v:

I think that “status” only relates to your contributions (deposits) to the pie. It shows if shows that you’re behind schedule, meaning that according to the pie’s plan, you’d had to have deposited more than you actually had.

Update: I got word that this is a visual bug that our dev team is working on fixing. I don’t have an ETA at the moment, but I’ll update the thread once I have more info.

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