Bulgarian Stock Exchange stocks

I know Trading 212 is partly Bulgarian but I am wondering why there are no stocks from the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. I think it would be beneficial for the company to include BSE stocks since there are quite some Bulgarians investing here.
Few stocks that come to my mind. Also OTC variants are also an option.

BUL:5F4 - First Investment Bank AD
BUL:3JR - Sopharma AD
BUL:GR6 - Gradus AD
BUL:0SP - Speedy AD

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We use IB as an intermediary broker as far as the order routing is concerned. IB does not support the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Additionally, the trading volumes there are pretty low, and liquidity is tiny, which would lead to orders pending for days, even weeks, on some occasions.

Maybe request some of the OTC stocks then.
Check the liquidity on the OTC markets as from Rumen’s response (the Team) that might also be a big concern on some of the Bulgarian stocks on the OTC market.