Add missing stocks to IB to trade on 212

Can we have a means to request missing stocks on the platform.

I dont mean MEME reddit stocks, but actual decent stocks such as:


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Hey @Dougal1984 :wave:

Just to get on the same page, are you referring to a means through which you can request stocks directly from IB or it was it something else you had in mind :thinking: ?

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Whatever is best to get missing stocks added to IB so we can then look to getting them added to 212.

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I agree please add if possible

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@B.E Just looking to follow up, if there was at all possible a way of getting missing stocks added to IB, so that they could become tradable on 212?

@Crazyev any other stocks you would like to share?

I would like

Lepidico Ltd


Hey @Dougal1984

I’m afraid that the situation has not changed much, since the update here :point_down:

Usually, IBKR tends to add the instruments they can automatically i.e if something is missing from their database, most likely it is due to a technical hurdle, such as unsupported market segment or similar.


My search button must be broken, thought I had asked previously but couldn’t find it :rofl: