Buy order pending for days

Hi, novice trader here! I have a buy “market” order that’s been pending for a few days now. the company is RC365. I believe other traders have the same issue and the price is continuing to go up. What could be the reason for this? Thanks

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I’ve managed to take a quick look, and RC365 Holding (RCGH) is traded via SETSqx service. The execution happens only several times per day during the official auctions. The order might not be filled during the open time frame in case of low liquidity and may remain pending for quite some time.

Many thanks for the reply. That’s most helpful. Can I ask, what is SETSqx?

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You can read more about SETSqx here.

Hope this helps!

(edit: also in the link provided by the team’s answer, see above.)

Had exact same problem, contacted help desk and got this response-
The company RC365 suffers from extremely low liquidity, causing a disbalance between the BUY/SELL ratio. This leads to a slower execution