Stop Orders with my “INVEST” account! Need Help!

Hello guys,

I’m looking for a bit of clarification regarding the trading process in my ''Invest" account; i’m looking to implement both a “stop loss” trigger and “limit” trigger to my stock selling order, but the only options are either one of the two that i’ve mentioned or “stop limit” in which the “limit” would only act as continuation to the “stop loss” order, as opposed to putting a higher “limit” order to sell my action (Sell Bracket)

Let’s say I bought 100 shares of company XYZ at 10$ a share. I think that the market price will rise to 12$, so I would like to sell ALL MY SHARES at 12$ (that’s the limit sell order).

On the other hand, I’d like to protect myself in case things don’t go as I expected (and let’s also imagine that I am not able to constantly monitor the market). I would like to sell ALL MY SHARES at 8$, in case the price fell to that level (and that would be the stop sell, or stop loss order).

How can I do this? If I place a sell order at 12$, my shares end up reserved in the order book and I am not able to set the stop loss at 8$. Is that feasable with only the “stop limit” order? or do i have to put both orders separatly? and if so, how do i proceed to do so since i’m only allowed to choose one?

Someone please clarify for me this issue as i’m currently stuck :disappointed:

Thank you guys a lot in advance.

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Anyone with an answer? Please?

Bump. Also super interested in this but unsure on how to proceed

Hello @jazzy89,

The current capabilities of the platform allow only one type of limit order to be set, relating to a particular open trade - we are working on improving functionalities and allow better control of your exposure and orders in the near future. Until then, you could set a “Stop Sell” as a stop loss to protect your investment and set a Price Alert on the instrument so you can react and close on the profit that you have targeted. :v:

It would be really nice if you could improve functionalities as soon as possible. And also add “trailing stop”.
Thank you.