Buy orders not going through

Is anyone else having issues with sending buy order? I’ve had it several time ls where the buy order is pending for sometimes hours. Today for eg I sent a buy order for a company when the price was @131 it didn’t go through until the price was @154. It’s not the first time this has happened either and it really frustrating to be spending more money this way.

I know emails are going to take longer to respond to at the moment but when you email you don’t even get a acknowledgment email.

Without much information, it could be due to volatility, the price might be shown with 1 value but reality it was already higher.

In days where we have high number of swings/volatility I would advise you to use Limit Buy order, to make sure you get stock at price you want to pay for it and no more… :wink:

Benefits are that you can set the orders even when market is closed, when set properly, it can allow you to buy great companies for great prices, which would be difficult to catch on manual order…

I have been using limit buy, but it’s a pain when you see something hit buy and in one case the buy order didn’t go through until half way through the next day.
The one today took nearly an hour to go through :confused:

@Dankenyon With less liquid, small-cap stocks such as this one, the charts are not always 100% accurate. We’re having issues sourcing high-quality quotes for small-caps, that’s why we’re switching data feed providers in about a week.

Still, it’s mainly an issue of liquidity which is out of our control. You have direct market access, so you can rest assured that you’re always getting what’s best.
I couldn’t find any trades @131 on the LSE order book, most today are around @150:

There’s no trade because it didn’t get put through @131 it was ‘pending’ for ages until it finally went through at the higher price. Like I said it’s not the first time this has happened, I had one pending for the last 2 hours of one trading day and then the first 3 hours of the next trading day.

I don’t think you understood David’s comment.

He said there was no Bid/Ask around 131 on whole market,meaning that it was never the price of the stock on the given day. It was incorrect graphical data feed from data provider.

At least that is how I read David’s comment. Correct me if wrong. :slight_smile:

I’ve been having the same issue. Put in an order yesterday around 15:35ish and it didnt go through untill half 8 this morning. 2 more orders are yet to go through today also.

Glad it’s not just me having this issue then

@NinjaTurkey With which company are you experiencing this?

XLmedia and Bacanora Lithium. I’m not putting huge amounts in but the problem is it basically means i’m stuck on pending order so my funds cant do anything and as far as i’m aware i cannot cancel a pending order. At least i cant see anywhere that i can. But surely it shouldn’t take over a couple of hours to finalise an order?

Yeah still not gone through, and of course now the price has gone up since putting the order in 5 hours ago. Cant even cancel the order to free up the funds either.

@NinjaTurkey It’s because of the stocks you’re trading, this post is relevant: Struggling with market order

It’s unrealistic to expect flawless execution with SETSqx traded securities. It’s just not the same thing as trading Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc…