Market order not going through...

Hi guys,

So I’ve been waiting DAYS for a market order to sell to execute, and nothing.
I figure the stock isn’t liquid and everybody is selling so there are no buyers.

As an experiment am trying to sell 0.1 stock at a value of around 5euro. The value of the stock is now moving up, people are buying again. However the order is still pending and has been for a long while…
This doesn’t seem right to me?

I’ve lost around a thousand euros whilst trying to sell, but orders never execute, pending forever.

I appreciate that it cannot be sold without a buyer…but is there really no buyer for 0.1 stock when the price is going back up?

Any help appreciated

What stock is it?

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Energia Innovacion y Desarrollo Fotovoltaico SA

Volume isn’t that bad to be honest - I’ve seen worse on a small cap like this.

Maybe @Bogi.H can take a look and see what the issue is.

Just an update - the 0.1 share did eventually sell after around 20 mins.
Having no luck whatsoever shifting any more than that though

Fractional transactions are executed internally, sometimes whole share transactions are easier to fill.

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Thanks Alien, I’ve cancelled my pending order and changed it to only whole shares. So far been waiting around 5 mins…guess I will update if they ever sell

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