Help with processing trades

I’m new to this but have been having trouble with some of my buy orders just sitting as processing for hours. In particular with Greatland Gold. Today I placed a limit buy order which was processing for over 2 hours and finally appeared as a pending order at 16:20, at which time the price was below my limit but the order did not execute. during the 2 odd hours the limit order was processing I placed 2 separate market orders for small quantities just to see what happened. These also stayed as processing until around 16:20 and by close none of these had executed either. I have cancelled the limit order and one of the market orders and left another as pending. If I click on this order to modify it nothing happens and it was a “until end of day” order but did not cancel automatically like others have previously. I also setup another limit order to test just after close and it is still processing as we speak. I just want to buy some of these shares and don’t really understand what is going on with the orders! There were a large number of trades in these shares today of both buy and sell and although the price was jumping around a bit it wasn’t that bad (IMO anyway). I’m using the ISA account if this has any bearing. Any explanations/advice appreciated.


Thank you I had just found this. Though I’m still not quite clear as to what my order status is while it’s processing ie - if the auction opens will my order get processed and convert to a live order which may then be filled or will it just keep on processing because it hasn’t even made it to the queue of orders waiting…
I guess essentially I want to know that my order is in some sort of queue waiting to be executed while it says processing or is it not even in a queue to be considered when there are auctions (or do I have this totally wrong) ?

@Donald_Duck @David, how do we know which stocks are SETSqx and which are SETS? I understand we just have to wait for the auction times to trade. Would just be helpful to know if they are SETS or SETSqx before placing an order.

The best way is to check at LSE main site:
Greatland Gold LSE Page

Look for that panel:

Hope this helps

Thanks Peter, that’s great. I must’ve missed it when I was looking.