Invested amount still seems wrong

I notice in the fixes section it now states that the stamp duty issue has been solved where it was being calculated in the returns. I had thought that was the issue causing my invested amount to not match what I had put into the portfolio but it does not seem to be the case. I have put 2500 into my account and invested all of the money but the invested amount shows £2495.48 and all % gains are based on that figure. This seems misleading when I paid 2500 for my shares regardless of fees, stamp duty, spead etc i feel it should show the total cost of what you bought… its hard to keep track of true gains on other accounts where the contributed value is not as simple as this example.

Has no one else had this issue? @George am I missing something obvious?

The movement in value of the dollar against the pound is causing the loss. The dollar is weakening.

July 1st: 1 GBP = 1.2477 USD
Sept 1st: 1 GBP = 1.3393 USD

Think of it this way, if the dollar got weaker and weaker to the point it was completely worthless, you would be down 100% and lost all your 2,495.48 initial investment.

From what I see, the weakening dollar has caused you to lose 24.87. Unless there is something else happening here I’m unaware of.

What do you mean the invested amount should simply show how much i have spent on investments surely… i have invested 2500 but it is saying I only invested 2495.48. I am familiar with the effect of forex on current value.

That I do not know. Check your free funds and see is it there.

Nope no cash in account. I actually did this as a test as noticed it on my other accounts but was hard to figure out with more complex value and investment. So simply put 2500 into a new account and invested it all and as expected the value didn’t match what the summary screen says.

This is the pie summary for only pie in account total matches the main summary.

As shown here no free funds…

No idea then. If it’s not forex, or commission, or free fund, then it seems you’ve some money missing.

That won’t impact the actual money invested as it will be post investment.

Did you pay £4.52 in stamp duty? The fees and taxes do not count into your invested amount.

I believe it’s because of that also. If it included for the taxes the returns wouldn’t read right.

But my understanding was excluding the stamp duty was a bug that has now been fixed. If I buy £1000 worth of shares and have fees and stamp duty etc at another broker it would still show me having invested £1000 as thats what it cost to buy the shares.

The tax does not contribute to the stock though, it’s a levy for purchasing it is my understanding.

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HMRC calculates your profit/loss by the buy/sell price of the shares only, excluding any taxes or fees.

But I am not bothered about tax and especially in ISA it doesn’t matter. However the return calculation are incorrect as they ignore a 0.5% charge that does not appear to be easily viewable in the app at a top line level. Buying through pies it is very difficult to keep track when doing 50 transactions at a time. In the example above you could get to a position where the portfolio shows growth at 2499 for example but its technically still a loss as bellow the amount contributed.

Isn’t it working the P&L on the basis of the actual share? The tax is an addition to the share?

Therefore if the share was 100 and tax 1, it would cost 101 with the tax being external of that share. If the share had a 1% rise it would not provide a true reflection of the increase of that share @100 to make it 101.

I can see what you’re saying to a point, but it would have to go into a separate tax pot opposed to against the share.

I had the same confusion…

In my case, I initially put in £1000 in a variety of Shares. Sold some at a £5 loss then reinvested in something else. The figures then show as £995 invested, despite having actually put in £1000.

It’s a figure based on what you hold/have in your portfolio, rather than what cash you’ve put in. I think.

If I paid 101 though in your example to buy the share i would want to see the growth from that not from the 100 of shares I owned. This is how other brokers do it when they have fees etc. They show invested as the total cost including all fees so you always start at a loss from spread stamp duty and trading costs normally. I think the confusion is being amplified in this case because there is no easy way i have found to see the stamp duty at a portfolio level. Can only see it on a transaction by transaction basis.

I know what you’re saying but it’s detached from the share and not held in 212 anymore. I kind of see both sides to this and it come down to opinion.