Can anyone help explain this please?

How’s it going folks? This has been baffling me for days whilst scalp trading on the crypto’s.

Why does the price differences vary soo much in the buy/sell?

simply whats available in the market.

the greater the liquidity at any time the tighter the spread tends to be and as the liquidity drops the spread widens as those are now the best prices available.

also do note that scalping, systematically, is not accepted by T212.

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This :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

Just to chime in here, Scalping (Multiple trades lasting 5 mins or less) on the CFD platform, they term as scalping.

Which T212 do not encourage in the Terms & Conditions.

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Thanks guys. So that’s the liquidity side of it. Is there anyway we can watch liquidity in app?

Also, It may be my personal terminology stating it’s called scalping but, I do make 1-3% per day in crypto by slight variations in price. I call taking a small % scalping rather than holding. If there’s a correct terminology I’d be more than happy to use it in future :slight_smile:

No mine are usually in the 15-30 min brackets

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The ones in the pictures above are still open

Nothing to worry about then, your fine :slight_smile: :+1:

The price difference is just the spread on the instrument, as what the others have mentioned.

Thanks very much for your help and also, thanks for the explanation and heads up for short term trades.

Crypto can be explosive in a min or less dropping 5-10% and then rebounding and exceeding its previous high. What happens then if you catch that low and close the high in a short space of time?

Does crypto trading times differ from normal shares/stocks etc?

All the same in the CFD platform. All equities are the same rules.

BUT, anything goes in the Invest/ISA, just providing it’s fair use and not a scalping machine lol.

If it’s the odd trade thats in and out, I wouldn’t worry about it.
If it starts to become the trend or norm for your account, then I think this is where issues start.

edit - in terms of trading times, I’m not too sure, just check on the right hand side to see what hours are open for each instrument you trade.

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I’ve been scalped myself with the so called “scalping AI platforms” in the past so it’s not something I’m keen on whatsoever. I’m happy taking a small % each day and working towards my bigger goal which I may start documenting to see just how it goes :slight_smile:

£100 into 6 figures within in a year compounding using a 1-2% daily profit margin

Crypto is 24/7 365 lol it never stops

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Just remember us mere mortals when you have that big cash stack :money_mouth_face::beers:
Good luck ! Rooting for you!

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I am a mere mortal myself unfortunately lol I’m gonna start documenting it see how it goes

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Yea, i’d love to see how it actually goes with the P/L swings etc. PM me anytime & let me know in the future.

not sure of how to watch liquidity. I think one of the templates will display the tick volume to show when the activity is high (and thus likely very liquid) but it’s not something I thought to check before since I tend to do things over weeks, sorry.

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Crypto is the best place for it. Hoping we can implement Cardano (ADA) here as it’s actually going somewhere in the crypto space and it’s dirt cheap at moment. I’m up just over 60% in 3 weeks holding it alone on another platform.

Would that be the RSI and MACD?

Which platform do you use? Thanks.

The best way to check for liquidity is to use a volume indicator. You can avoid trading during periods of low volume as that means liquidity is low.