Can I lose more money than my initial investment trading cfds on 212?

I have been using the practise account and want to switch to real money using a very small percentage of my portfolio but am worried about “unlimited losses” I’ve been reading about when trading on margin.

As a retail customer you can never owe money to your broker.

Any short sell is said to have unlimited losses because the most you can make is when the stock goes to 0. On the other side there is no maximum price for a stock so it could keep going up to infinity where you would keep getting margin called, needing to put more money into your account to stay in the position.

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Due to the negative balance protection, you can not lose more funds than you have initially deposited in your CFD account.

When it comes to Invest/ISA accounts, you can place an order with 95% of your available free funds, which aims to prevent you from going into a negative balance.

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