CFD - Can i lose all funds when position is closed?

Can i lose all funds when position is closed? when it hits 25%

Unfortunately yes. 4x leverage means if your securities go down 25%, you loose everything. Make sure you keep adding funds to not hit the margin call on CFDs.

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thanks. can you tell me how to calculate how much money will i get if i hit 100%

You mean hit 100% in minus? It will never let you hit that! Are we talking about CFDs or Invest/ISA?

cfd account 100% plus - max profit

You’ll make all the profit! Whatever the leverage was. The return you see, is what you get. You cannot loose more than you invested, but you can theoretically make unlimited money.

can you confirm that you can’t lose more than 100% of what invested in CFD account?
Leverage doesn’t account in enhancing losses?
thank you

You can’t lose more than you invested.

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thanks a lot for the clarification