Can i make a 2nd Account in $

Hello guys, i already have 1 account in my name in euros, i would like to make a 2nd account in dollars. The reason is , everytime i sell my us stocks dollars become instantly euros, but if i have a 2nd account i will have US stocks there and my EU stocks on the other. Although swapping between the accounts would be really boring.

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Afaik T212 doesn’t allow 2 account per same person.

Some claimed they have 2 accounts, but unknown if on same name or one on their spouse.

They were thinking about adding multiple sub-account in different currencies per person.
But now they have more important things on which they are working, so it will take a while. This was requested in the past also.

Is this still valid or it has been changed since then? I was thinking to open another account with Trading212, for different purposes, is this possible or not allowed?

Still not currently possible