New Fee structure compromise idea

Would it be possible to set up the option on T212 that when you sell a stock that’s in dollars, the money goes into its own separate fund of dollars, not incurring a fee, being set up as a default for dollar transactions.

That way you have an available fund of dollars that should not incur a fee when being used to purchase new or additions to existing dollar stocks.

Only when you do not have enough funds in the dollar fund, will it then use your primary fund to complete the purchase, will then incur the fees.

Setting these options via a default, so people can set once and ignore after.

Just a thought.


I like the idea, but your essentially asking for a multi currency account which they don’t offer st the moment.

The second option could be to allow for a switch trade. Sell out your free Under Armour share in and buy Pinterest in without an FX needed.

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Yeah this is what people have been asking for ages on T212.

Then recently said no and most likely because it would eat into taking profit on those 0.15% fees.

@Viknor1931 heres the thread

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How about this?

The T&C say you cant open two active accounts under the same name and identification documents.

Could we:

  • Use Passport / Driving licence as different proof of identification documents?
  • Setup new emails - USERNAMEGBP/USERNAMEUSD @
  • Would the same address be an issue?
  • Open up a separate bank account with Revolut/Monzo or whatever for funding purposes.

No development work required by 212, separated currency post for trading in different currencies, and free bank transfers out/between the two?


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both would still be registered to the same individual, same names, thus not possible.