Can I use Trading 212 from Malta?

Hi there! I am interested in using this app, but my concern is if I can use it being from Malta in EU? I emailed several times, but never got a reply.

On the other hand, due that it is a UK company (with Brexit), what does it change for us in Europe when it comes to use the app, deposit direct from bank instead of using credit/debit cards etc…?.

Thanks in advance!

I would say it’s fine and you might get this Brexit statement appear on sign-up

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thanks Phil! I really appreciate that!

No change.

After depositing €2000 there is a charge for using card. Bank transfer is still free.

Ok great! Yeah… I will use bank transfer that I’ve heard it takes 3 days to be deposited into the T212 account which is ok.

I only did one bank transfer as a test, but yes it also took 3 days for me.

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Magic! Thanks a lot. You were of great help. Happy Sunday!

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