Can only buy 1 share of many common stocks in the ISA?

I’ve noticed that in the ISA (as well as the CFD), there are serious limits on how many stocks one can buy of the most popular companies. As I write this, it’s only possible for me to buy one share in Apple, Amazon, Alphabet or Tesla for example.

Am I the only one or are others affected as well? Assuming this isn’t a glitch and is actually a restriction imposed by T212, this means that it is almost impossible to build up any sort of meaningful portfolio with this broker, unless you only want to invest tiny sums of money.

Anyone experiencing the same, and if it is indeed a restriction imposed by T212, could someone from the company give any indication as to when the restrictions will be lifted?

You can buy as many shares as you want of the stocks you mention in the ISA.

My bad, I just funded my account with additional money and it all unlocked. Thanks DD.