Order limit! Barely every stock

Why do i have an order limit to barely every stock i try to buy? And i am not talking about amc gamestock, zom etct!

Every stock i search i see that there is a linit yo buy?!!

If you mean in your CFD account then it’s because T212 have disabled trading “temporarily” but won’t say how long is temporarily

They use the profits from their CFDs to prop up fee free investing on the ISA side of things.

The CFD is now basically unusable, and even when it functions properly the spread, and interest rates are so stacked against the user that any serious investor or anyone playing with serious money is going to be switching platforms ASAP.

If the CFDs don’t make profits does T212 cease to be a viable business?



ISA/Invest is profitable by itself, not propped up by CFDs any more.

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Noo im having it about the investment account! Every single stock i want to buy there is a limit order

Im taking about the investment account

angie is probably referring to how you are restricted in price range when placing a limit order.