Can’t buy crypto

Hi everyone,
Wondering why it’s not possible to buy any crypto since yesterday… any ideas ? Do you know if the same thing happens on other broker ?

Please don’t depend on one broker. Always have a secondary broker for days and incidents like these.

Thanks mate ! That’s what I thought too. But does this happen on other broker too ?
Any idea for a great broker ?

Upcoming Changes to Crypto Trading

Following the FCA’s new policy statement: “PS20/10: Prohibiting the sale to retail clients of investment products that reference cryptoassets” which outlines the changes that will come in to effect on January 2021, we will be gradually reducing maximum trading quantities of cryptocurrencies until December 1, 2020, when they will be set in close-only mode. From that point forward, it will not be possible to open new positions with cryptocurrencies. Existing positions will not be affected.
We’re currently working on introducing real crypto trading that’ll replace CFDs on cryptocurrencies with actual cryptocurrencies as they will not be affected by the FCA’s ban.
Learn more about the policy statement here:

Fca banned crypto so they will be removed soon from trading 212