Crypto removed from CFD account

Any alternatives for trading Crypto

On T212 only option is to trade a company that has a big portion of the balance sheet in crypo.
For example Microstrategy, NASDAQ: MSTR.


Any reason not to trade actual crypto?

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not sure, pretty sure FCA got rid of it for t212

FCA has prevented retail clients in UK from investing in Cryptos on CFD as from 06/01/21. They deemed it too risky for many retail clients who are not experienced in trading in this.

I think the same decision may happen in US sooner or later?

I’ve seen many posts/review blaming the trading apps, but the decision was out of their hands.

CFDs aren’t allowed by US. That’s all CFDs not specifically crypto.

My point was why not trade actual crypto, as in Bitcoin or altcoins. I use Binance personally (anyone feel free to PM for referral)

Well aware of the FCA rule :wink:

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Yes, I think it dawned on me after I hit the Reply button that it was ‘actual’ Crypto that you were relating too, especially under the ‘Invest’ category! My bad🤭.

That would be good to have a little dabble actual Crypto -I’ve been having a look at some crypto apps, how are you getting on with Binance?

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Binance is excellent, I can’t really fault it. Cheapest fees afaik and a decent interface.

It does come with a basic mode too, but anyone familiar with T212 could use the normal view.

I want T212 to add the order book and T&S below.

The lite mode is like swapping to Freetrade from T212.


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Binance is Good I use it also for trading Crypto and Etoro.

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I like their pooling and staking options, Which allows to earn new crypto as interest.

@phildawson I agree with your comment :shushing_face:

Why was your post flagged? :rofl:

Totally weird mate! messages said it mentioned a competitor, something like that lol

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Thats weird. Yeah nothing wrong with mentioning Etoro or Binance. T212 are fine with that unless you aggressively slagging them off and trying to market a direct competitor with referrals in post etc

Anyway to keep this on topic I think @Rygel has already covered the only option here, finding stocks that have a big portion in crypto.

I think T212 mentioned they have considered becoming a crypto exchange in future. Could be a wait… I want to see L2 and T&S added to the current stocks before any branching out.

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:man_shrugging: you saw the post

Just contributing, I guess I have to choose my words very very carefully :grinning:

What do you think of London IPOs

Cheers Phi, that is very helpful, going to look into Binance. :+1:

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