Can uk investors invest in BTCE?

Hi all,

I just wanted to check my understanding of this following the FCA ruling. Can UK investors legally buy the Bitcoin ETP listed on this platform?


even if the buy button is there. if it is not legal, you won’t be able to actually buy into the ETP.

the listing remains are there for people who already hold positions that need to be able to close them when they wish to.

As I understand it, we currently cannot buy the Bitcoin ETP.
Hence why T212 has “blocked” the buy button. If you press it, you will see that it does not let you buy it.

Thanks for the response.

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This ruling is so useless. Protects nobody really. Just another stumbling block.

Hope we can trade crypto etps soon again.
It was easy, straightforward exposure

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I read somewhere u can buy bitcoin etn from traders on Swiss platforms

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It’s happening 212 can’t stop us!

That Canadian Fund won’t comply with European Regulations… so it will not be for sale in Europe, sorry.

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Very inappropriate statement. Please make sure you have the correct information.

Can you please edit your post.



Excuse me no need for statements Iike above.

It is not inappropriate.

I have my right to share my opinions on this platform furthermore bitcoin etf being traded in NA has répercussions for Europe.

Again please refrain for personal attacks.

your right to share your opinion does not include placing accusations or lying in the process.

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Saying that something is robbery isn’t an opinion, you’re making a statement without factual backing. No broker is obligated to offer any securities. I’m not going to say Trading 212 is robbing me because they don’t hold a stock I want. You can’t make accusations like that and expect no one to flag it. Everything else on your post is acceptable.

Thanks Cavan for understanding.

It’s an opinion which I am entitled to and voice it I shall.

I still haven’t heard back from @David regarding $GBTC


It’s saturday…

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