Can we have a 3x

How about a 3x nio? :slight_smile:


We can request GraniteShares or LeverageShares to consider this.

@Oktay maybe can have a look.

Thanks for the tag @Rygel - feel free to reach out anytime.

@vvsvin @wunit5times - I think you’ll like the names we have in our next batch :slight_smile: I’ll forward to the prod dev team for consideration and should have an update for you soon.


What is the tentative date for the next batch?
And when they would be available in the platform?

We are optimistic for sometime in December, but most likely in January of 2021 (there’s a lot of admin work and backtesting that needs to be done beforehand).

In terms of when they’d be on the platform, it depends on the workload of T212 (and seeing all the requests, looks they have their hands full). But to be honest, they are the quickest at adding new products than any other broker I’ve interacted with…