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Any chance of adding NYSE:DT and making it fractional??

I want a piece in my tech pie :pie: !


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Be great to get this added as lease @David @PeterA :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Morning @PeterA @David any chance on getting this added today? Cheers

Nudge nudge @PeterA @david

I hope T212 does not add stocks purely because some folks just keep asking to be added even tho initially requested few days ago.

While some requests are pending months to be added.

I seen plenty of penny stocks added in shadows recently while we cannot get established companies that are missing.


Hey @David jsut doing their rounds of requests :innocent:

This. I can understand it when there’s a lot of demand like with WCLD, but I’d hate to see junk stocks being added 'cause some muppet’s created multiple accounts and threads. (That’s not a reflection on DT or the folk requesting it here, who seem a good bunch.)

But some people—get in the queue mun, we’ve been patiently waiting for HelloFresh since March. Where’s the love @David, where is the love? :cry: :laughing: