Can we please access Vanguard Lifestrategy?

SWDA is the most popular global fund and has spread of about 5bp.

The weightings are different in the ETF and ICVC. The ETF is not so overweight in UK.

SWDA has a different global composition to the Lifestrategy ICVC, I think UK weighting is about 5%, so about 2.5bps maybe of it’s spread from that market alone. Similarly it’s US weighting last I looked was nearer 70% to lifestrategies 50%, so I would argue the Lifestrategy series is more globally balanced, and held in markets with different spreads.

It’s a bit apples and oranges really and not much point comparing the two given they are two very different products.

I think 30bps is reasonable for a globally balanced fund is all I am saying.

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Especially since it balances everything automatically and you don’t have to pay taxes for it the small fee increase is worth it in my opinion. You can just buy and hold forever