Please Add Vanguard Lifestrategy / Target Retirement Funds

Please Add Vanguard Lifestrategy / Target Retirement Funds

I don’t think Trading 212 can add those funds? To my understanding they are not traded in the stock exchange.

Maybe try looking into Vanguard ETFs and see if you can find something similar.

I just requested these and got told these are OEIC which Trading 212 doesn’t offer at the moment. Unfortunately

Trading 212 may well start to offer such funds at a future date, but I do not personally have any insight as to whether they will. Meanwhile Lifestrategy is easy to buy on the Vanguard site.

Personally, I have found Lifestrategy 100% equity to perform poorly in recent years as it is overweight in UK holdings. You can construct a holding similar, and less expensive, to Lifestrategy 100% by combining VUSA, VERX, VJPN, VAPX, VUKE, VMID, VFEM, or just buy the one ETF VWRL. A pie would be a good way to do this. Lifestrategy has OCF of 0.22%. You can get the same more cheaply with ETFs mentioned above. You can add a bond ETF if you want 80% equity.

This data shows how much of VUSA, VUKE, VERX, VJPN, VFEM to buy if you want to replicate Lifestrategy.

The remaining 6th holding would be VAPX. By comparison VWRL is


Just seen this Richard. Thanks for this response, very useful. Vanguard Life Strategy 80 caught my eye after opening Trading 212 ISA this tax year. I’m trying to do something along the lines of what you’d mentioned with the stocks ETF’s and their distribution. Would like to add in 20% bonds similarly to Life Strategy 80%. I see in this that the main makeup of bonds are Vanguard Global Bond Index Fund 14% and Vanguard UK Government Bond Index inc GBP 2.5% and Vanguard UK Inflation Linked GILT Index inc GBP 1.9%… I don’t see these specifically on Trading 212… What bonds would come close to make the remaining 20% of portfolio try to replicate Life Strategy 80 as much as I can?