Vanguard lifestrategy etf

Can you please add these etfs , if possible also on xetra?

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Yes, we need LifeStrategy 80% Equity UCITS ETF - (EUR) Accumulating

  • Ticker iNav Bloomberg: IV80AEUR
  • Bloomberg: V80A GY
  • ISIN: IE00BMVB5R75

LifeStrategy® 60% Equity UCITS ETF - (EUR) Accumulating

  • Ticker iNav Bloomberg: IV60AEUR
  • Bloomberg: V60A GY
  • ISIN: IE00BMVB5P51

LifeStrategy® 40% Equity UCITS ETF - (EUR) Accumulating

  • Ticker iNav Bloomberg: IV40AEUR
  • Bloomberg: V40A GY
  • ISIN: IE00BMVB5M21

Hi team,

Any updates for these? Great for passive investing.


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Hey. :wave:

We’ve added the abovementioned ETFs. Enjoy!

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Most excellent - @RLX will be most pleased!

I wonder if anyone from the UK would consider using these instead of the mutual fund versions on the Vanguard platform for long term investing. Yes there is a 0.15% fee in and out, but you completely remove the 0.2% annual platform fee that Vanguard has, and get more choice to boot!


Thank you very much!

@Bogi.H Can you also enable fractional shares for all of those?

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Can those be added in GBP as well? (With fractional option)

There is no GBP version of the ETF last I checked. You could consider VWRP similar to the LifeStrategy 100%, and counter with a bond ETF to create your own 80/60/40 and so on.

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Thank you for checking.
Yes, there isn’t a GBP version!!!

I would explore the VWRP option. Thank you.

Hey, @HuskyDogg. :wave:

They are now available for fractional trading. Enjoy!