Can you add US ETFs?

Can you add US ETFs?
I remember that one week ago they were in the app. Maybe I’m wrong or there is a bug in the app. In any case can you add them?

US ETFs generally don’t produce the pre-sale documentation required for sale to anyone in a European country. Dull and annoying but true. There are several theories floated about how you might be able to circumvent (legitmately or otherwise) but so far no one has big enough guts to test the regulators – and I don’t blame them!!! So - for now at least - no, no US ETFs for sale to any European national. You can thank the MiFID and PRIIPs regulation for that, sorry!

Because of the “oddity” (wrong word probably) of crypto … you can buy them via Abra…as you’re not trading fiat currency. Again, you can thank the regulators for that mess!