Can't see US ETFs on mobile app

Am I missing something? On desktop & browser from my mobile I can see US ETFs but on the android app I cannot. Any ideas?

It’s odd, I don’t see the US ones at all in browser (on desktop anyway)…even in a completely new browser (just installed)

Doesn’t matter anyway. The EU has effectively banned the purchase of US funds.

But they show 80 German vs 76 German also. 105 vs 85 UK

Strange. My only guess is that they haven’t fully updated the list with the recent additions. They added a few ETF’s last week like VHYL and VFEM. Are those in the list?

Yep both of those are on. Ones like ishares Russel 1000 are on desktop but not the app

So is it not possible to buy US ETFs in EU?
Is there an official statement for this?

Regulation (EU) No 1286/2014


Yes but they are working on a way around or with the Key information Document… I read here in the community.