Canadian stocks on T212

I would love to see Canadian stocks added to trading 212 i have heard they are on the way is there any time frame for them to be added please


Yes, please.
Looking to get into Alimentation Couche Tard (ATD.B)


I think the plans are to have those in early 2021, but I may be wrong.

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Any chance Canadian stocks will be added in 2023?

@sto Are you ok? You’ve posted the same thing on several threads its a little confusing and spammy.

Try voting on here - perhaps if its possible to add Canadian exchanges (and popular), it might go up the pecking order of what 212 are working on?

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You seem to really want Canadian stocks and it may be a while before they’re added, so why not buy an MSCI Canada ETF in the interim? HCAN (£) and SXR2 (€) are on the platform.

MCT and CGI, two Canada-focused investment trusts, are also available. Both are relatively expensive, but the latter has a great long-term record and is at a 35% discount to NAV.

Any updates on when can we expect Canadian Stocks on the platform?

I read something from early 2020 that said Coming Soon.

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Is there a timeline as to when Canadian stocks will be added to the platform?

Can you please start adding canadian stock from Toronto exchange? Thank you very much


stock exchange additions are already in the lineup. though not sure where canada falls in the list. expect the asian market to come sooner however


Would be great to see an update on this

Toronto stock exchange…

Does anyone know what apps (like t212 = free deposits & buys) we can use to buy stocks from it?

( I want to buy ‘Social Media and Gaming Inc’ TSE:SCR or OTCMKTS:TSCRF )


I think TSE is awesome, would love to have access @Team212

Not sure why your post has been hidden? Not like T212 offer Canadian Exchanges yet so don’t see a problem in you asking for suggestions…

Degiro has Canadian Exchanges and have very reasonable fees. Just checked and can confirm SCR is available on their application.

Definitely not as easy to use as T212 is but it’s a good back up option for stocks currently unavailable here.

Hope that helps!

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It is in pipeline, but timelines are questionable.


really appreciate this, thank you.

would be cool if we could see what’s in the pipeline ( a public roadmap) or a list of live improvements t212 are currently working on.

This would save the admins time having to repeat things, just a thought


Would love to see the Canadian stock market supported.


@mattwaddy Coming very soon… :canada:


@David do we have a timeline on when we would have canadian stocks on the platform ?
If it is going to take time , can you guys atleast add the Canadian stocks listed in US as OTC stocks ?
We are missing some good food and energy companies in Canadian market .