Canadian stocks on T212

@David do we have a timeline on when we would have canadian stocks on the platform ?
If it is going to take time , can you guys atleast add the Canadian stocks listed in US as OTC stocks ?
We are missing some good food and energy companies in Canadian market .




@David This is great ! Hope we will get it by year end .
Would be a nice Christmas present :smiley:

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Also interested (ISA) :crossed_fingers:

Any updates on this?

The Canadian index will be sick :heart:

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Also waiting for this… :seedling::canada:

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Canadian Stocks have been ‘Coming Very Soon’ for over 12months now. :joy:

Edit: Coming ‘Very’ Soon

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Can someone from T212 provide an ETA on this?

You can ask them again with @Team212

@Team212 any news regarding Canadian market?

Any updates?
@David @Team212

Hut 8 crypto mining company is listed on canadian exchange, so now I join the group that’s looking forward to the canadian stocks to be available on T212 :slight_smile:

And how soon is that? :eyes:


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Been waiting forever…

We’ve recently added Euronext Brussels :belgium: & Wiener Börse :austria: , hence we’ll keep announcing new stock exchanges and the Canadian stock market is in our short to mid-term focus. Nevertheless, we can’t provide you with an ETA yet.


Still waiting for it. Any updates?


Any updates on adding CA stocks to the platform?

No need to respond to every old Canadian stock topics on the forum, i think T212 get your message. :+1:

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Appreciate the interest and patience, @sto, but nothing has changed since our last update, and we still can’t give an ETA. I’ll let you know if there’s any news though :pray: