Can't buy crude oil?

Hi, why is it not possible to buy crude oil right now?

It says ‘the maximum quantity you can buy is 0’ but I can’t find any information explaining why?


Which one are you trying to buy? It looks normal to me on the 19May20 contract

@AWatso4 The current maximum amount of Oil that you can buy (per contract) is 1,000. That’s open to change, depending on multiple factors.
If you wish to bump up your exposition, feel free to check out the other contracts, we just launched 6 additional ones with expiration up to December 2020. (Crude/WTI Oil)

Hi David,

Thanks for providing some form of insight into this horrific disruption when attempting to purchase some fresh oil. Lol.

You mentioned:

That’s open to change, depending on multiple factors.

Could you kindly elaborate on this ?

I personally regularly trade with over 2000 Quantity of crude oil regularly and was wondering if I would ever be able to trade with larger quantities of oil.

Look forward to your response.

Possibly you don’t have enough funds

@Usman The maximum quantity per contract is now 2,000. However, if you want additional exposition, you can just trade the next month contracts too.
There’s currently a total of 7 running Crude Oil contracts, up to 21Dec-2020 expiration.

Hi Alien,

Now just becuase you dont have enough funds in your account to buy over 1000 quantities of oil doesnt mean that man doesnt.

go back to your planet lol


A quantity of 2000 is definitely 100% better than it was previously!

Appreciate the help David.


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Hi David,

Can I ask what is the latest with Wisdomtree WTI crude oil product on your Invest platform?

I’m reading Wisdomtree is being forced to shut down some of its ETPs as Shell has terminated its swaps with them following all the recent chaos… Meaning holders will be forced to liquidate before mid June…

Doesn’t look like this affects the Wisdomtree WTI Crude Oil product on the invest platform though, is this correct?