Can't change email associated with Trading 212 Community account


Apparently you can’t change your email associated with the Trading 212 account. Customer service told me just sign up with another email address and start again. When asked how I delete my existing account apparently there’s no way to do this either. They then told me to post here instead.

In, short, I just want to change the email address associated with my account. I’d prefer not to sign up with another email and create a new profile but if I have to I will but why not allow users to delete the old account?

In fact, why not just allow people to change their email address like most services do?

People change emails for a lot of reasons including being exposed to security breaches.


Apparently this may not be possible, see below

Thanks for the link.

It’s not good for user security if you can’t change your email address.

What if we get hacked or our email address is in a security breach.

What if we want to separate our trading email address with our less important accounts etc.

If you create a new account they don’t allow you to delete your old account either which I’m sure goes against GDPR rules. Maybe since Brexit GDPR rules don’t apply to UK residents.

Either way, this isn’t good for user privacy or security.

I believe these are Discourse rules, not in T212 control.


Thanks for the response.

It’s not good for customer privacy and security if they can’t:

  1. Change their email address associated with their account
  2. Delete their account

What if their email is compromised in a security breach? Or they lose access to the email address?

I’m surprised forum software in 2021 doesn’t allow for such trivial user settings.

You can delete your account and or anonymise it - you’d just have to speak to an administrator, it’s a setting within discourse.

Anonymising is often preferred for those with lots of posts and topics otherwise it can disrupt the flow of conversation for new readers.

I know that it might cause some sort of inconvenience. We went further on this, and fortunately, we found a fix thanks to which you’ll be able to adjust your email easily.

Just go to the account preferences section, and next to your email click on :wrench:.

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Works perfect, thanks

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