Change of email

I have emailed T212 multiple times about this now and have not received a satisfactory response. It is an extremely urgent issue. Right now, any emails sent to the address registered to my T212 account will not be seen. I had to change my primary email recently due to a serious privacy concern. Every single financial service other than T212 made it extremely easy to change email.

Although I should not have to send sensitive identification documents over standard email as it is insecure, I did as requested in T212’s help page concerning change of email, and sent an image of my passport in addition to an image of myself holding it. It has been over a week since then. It has been several(!) weeks since my first email regarding this subject. The emails I have received back seem to be generic messages that don’t seem to be entirely in context with my problem / request.

I am not at all comfortable having funds on T212 with this situation as it is, so I am resorting to coming here to urgently ask this be sorted out ASAP.

@Team212 should be able to help, very sensitive topic for them though

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@RyanH Greetings. I was able to locate and prioritize your request. From what I can see it has now been executed and an email with instructions was sent out.

Your confirmation is required to finalize this procedure.

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